"I'm 63 years old, Ms. McFadden"

If you saw Neil Simon's "The Goodbye Girl",  you'll remember Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason become reluctant roommates.   In one scene, a young Dreyfuss is explaining how his daily regimen of wheat germ and granola keeps him young-looking, "I'm 63 years old Ms. McFadden, and look at me.   Can I fix you a bowl?".
Funny scene at the time.   But now, as someone who actually is 63, not so funny anymore.  Apparently 63 was Neil Simon's' idea of "old".    To be the literal definition of "old" isn't so great.   I can tell you that for sure.  Fortunately, since that movie was made in 1972, the way people think about age has changed a bit.   According to a recent study, women are no longer considered "old" until age 73.   So that's great, right?   I've another decade.
Meanwhile, with another birthday on the horizon, I've already trimmed one Beatles song from my iPod playlist.    You guessed it.  "When I'm 64".

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