Hello? Hello? Hello?

It's 2017.  Why do we still struggle with telemarketers?   I get about 6 unsolicited calls per day, half of which don't even respond when I pick up the phone.   The other half say "hello?" ten seconds after I say hello.   (I always wait for them to say hello before I hang up-- so they can hear me slam the receiver down.)   This gripe is so old and tired that some people just give up and yank out their landlines.   C'mon America.  This mess should have been fixed long ago.   Even when registered with the government's "donotcall.gov" list- we still get the calls.   And does any doofus ever actually BUY something from a telemarketer?  Apparently so.  If you're that dumb, you really do need federal protection for your own safety!

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