I miss home movies

These days you can watch a home movie of your grandchild any time you want, right on your phone.   And that's kinda nice,  I guess.    But when I was a kid,  we documented much less of our lives... so home movies were a very big deal.   Once a year,  my dad would get out the movie projector and a box of little 8mm film reels.  My mom would make popcorn, and turn out the lights.   It was fun to sit in the dark and watch the shaky images of our family riding a bike or building a snowman.  We had endless films of family vacations,  posing in our swimsuits and splashing in the surf.    We laughed at the same strips of movie film we'd seen a hundred times... no sound, just the grinding of the projector,  and our running commentary.   It reminded us of where we'd been,  of who we were,  and it's one of my favorite childhood memories.

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