I want some young blood

Okay, I know that sounds creepy, but hear me out.    There's a place in California where a doctor will pump you up with plasma from young donors... with the hope it that it will make you feel more vital, and slow the aging process.   No kidding.   Over the years, there have been a number of different studies--- mostly on mice-- which suggest that "young" blood introduced into the veins of an aging recipient could have restorative effects.   So this doctor in Monterey California is charging people $8000 for a bag of "young" plasma to drip into their veins.  And so far, no scientific proof that it works.    But what if it does?    Call me a bloodsucker, but if a bag or two of "young" blood that will make me young again... and I'll empty out the old savings account and head to Monterey.

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